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Steve Austin, Stone Cold

A report just reached our news crew stating that popular WWE Superstar Steve Austin has bowed out of professional wrestling.

Steve Austin a.k.a “Stone Cold” has always talked about his intention to quit pro wrestling but this time it seems he has taken a step further. He stated outright during the latest episode of his podcast that he is done, that he doesn’t need to wrestle anymore. The end of the road for Stone Cold historic career?

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He said, “…I’m not willing to do anything that my heart’s not set on. I love my fans, I love the WWE fans, I love wrestling fans, I love wrestling… I just don’t need to wrestle anymore.”

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With this submission, its obvious Austin has no intention to wrestle anymore which gives us the grace to fall back on his earlier statement where he reportedly stated that he’s done as an in-ring performer. Although, Steve Austin vs. Brock Lesnar has been…read more

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