BREAKING NEWS: Is This Superstar Quitting WWE For Another Career? See The Untold Story

The introduction of saying HELLO in the WWE and the wrestling world at large is easier than saying GOODBYE especially when fans are fond of a superstar and cannot afford to miss any of his or her shows.

The recent rumours rocking the media about Nikki Bella quitting The WWE as a company and wrestling as a career is yet to die down. We brought a report to you yesterday on the possibility of Nikki Bella quitting WWE if John Cena decides to lead her to the altar, if you missed that, read it here.

Here’s another confirmed report indicating that the possibility of Nicole quitting her current job with The WWE with a move to be among the dancing stars is on a high side.

From the ring to the ballroom!
Nikki Bella reportedly got an offer on Wednesday’s episode of Total Divas via an email from Dancing With the Stars, asking if she’s interested in joining them in the next season of the show.

According to her;
“Oh my gosh! Look at the email I just got from Dancing With the Stars,” Nikki says to Brie Bella in the clip above. “Oh my God that would be so awesome, I’ve always wanted to do ballroom dancing.”

The excitement displayed shows that its possible she jumps to the offer, Nikki says, “I’m really excited! I’m always thinking of how I can make my career bigger and Dancing With the Stars…it’s huge! It’s so mainstream.”
So is Nikki ready to put on her dancing shoes?