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The appearance of Jinder Mahal as the new face of the WWE champion has beaten the imagination of many with a lot of controversies in the WWE Universe. Whether this is the appropriate time for him or not has being the questions wrestling analysts and lovers are asking.

The reaction on his championship emergence is a two-sided one, this may not be far from the fact that Randy Orton as the former champion has been served with a negative reactions all through his time.

It is believed that it might be a wrong time for him to carry such a mantle in the WWE Universe considering hat his past records are win and lose and very boring to his fans.

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The reaction he got from the Chicago crowd was somewhat boring all because they prefer having Orton as their champion.
Although, he has been getting a loud ovation from fellow wrestlers singing his praises but that may not be enough to keep him going when the hails are not coming from millions of fans.

Even being admired by fans is not enough driving point for the WWE Universe champion but motivating them to bring in more viewers to the arena and pulling crowds to watch the show on the television is the real deal.

No matter how Jinder Mahal’s sudden rise is seen as untimely by many, the fact that he is the current champion of the WWE Universe cannot be written off, and it will be wrong for anyone to see this as a wrong time for him even though everyone is entitled to his opinion.

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From the statement issued by the champion himself, stating categorically that “I just want to say, I told you so! I told the Maharaja will become WWE Champion! You know what? I feels pretty good. And I just want to tell the WWE Universe, plan on [seeing me] as WWE Champion for a long time. So they better get used to it. The Maharaja’s reign has just begun.”

As a Canadian-born WWE Superstar of Indian descent, his reign will be of additional benefit to the WWE especially when it comes to the international market as no doubts Indian constitutes the biggest population in the world.