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Finally, after s very long and desperate wait, it is payback time. And as the name implies, there would be a recap of all what has happened in the past PPV just to fuel the feud at Payback, this is going to be good in sight.

Despite all, it is revealed that not all superstars would participate on the event show. The view of all what happened at WrestleMania 33 was quite shocking. Seeing that Roman Reigns defeated and retired the Deadman also known as The Undertaker was amazing, and again, Brock Lesnar defeating Bill Goldberg for the first time to become the WWE Universal Champion.

It has been reported that The Beast, Brock Lesnar would not be defending his championship title at Payback or may not even appear on the show that day; this is to say that Brock Lesnar has been removed from the forth coming PPV event, Payback.

Now another superstar is being kept off the upcoming pay per view as well and it leaves WWE fans without one of the biggest storylines heading into WrestleMania 33.

That superstar is Chris Jericho and while Y2J originally appeared in the video and promotional packages for the pay per view, he is now being ruled out, which is believed to be due to the upcoming tour with his band Fozzy.

Of course, it’s understandable that Jericho would want to do this, especially after he has stated many times that he would be doing just that and didn’t want to do two things at once, but one had to wonder why WWE would leave two huge holes in storylines like they are right now.