BREAKING NEWS: Top WWE Super Star Released — See Huge Announcement…

Former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes was interviewed by the Charlotte Observer recently. During the interview, he said that he planned his departure from WWE almost six months in advance.

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Cody started his career with WWE back in 2006. After spending some time in Ohio Valley Wrestling, he moved to the main roster where he found a good amount of success. A two-time Intercontinental champion, Rhodes left WWE in 2016 and found a home in the independent circuit afterwards. The American Nightmare is currently the Ring of Honor World Champion.

During the interview with Charlotte Observer, Cody said that he planned his departure from WWE around six-months in advance. He also said that the list of opponents he released online allowed him to book matches in good faith.

“I planned my escape for six months before I left. I loved WWE, but in the end, I was unhappy. It was just like planning an escape from a maximum security prison. I’d released a list of potential opponents online so when the 90-day no-compete clause was up, I had matches booked on good faith. I thought about the follow-up.” Cody said.

He also added that most superstars who get out of WWE usually lose their lustre after a few months.
What’s next?

Cody is doing well on the independent circuit. He has been putting together some great matches and accrued a great deal of momentum. As he still has a good relationship with WWE, there is every possibility that he could return to WWE in a few years.