BREAKING NEWS: Top WWE Superstar Finally Missing Forthcoming PPV — See Why Vince McMahon Approved It

SummerSlam is already here again, less than two months away and the main event of the show is still completely up in the air.

Normally, WWE would have a pretty strong plan for one of their “big four” pay-per-views, but it seems like even Vince McMahon is currently not sure how to close the show.

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That’s because the two people expected to headline SummerSlam have been causing the company a few headaches.

The rumour is, that Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar will be battling for the WWE Universal Championship in Brooklyn.

Of course, neither man is really “over” with the WWE Universe – which means the company are going to struggle to send fans home happy with a main event like this.

And if the show closes to a chorus of boos, that’s not going to reflect well on WWE.

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In fact, the WWE CEO Vince McMahon was apparently so worried about Reigns being booed if he picks up the Universal title, that he considered pulling Lesnar from the entire show.

Arguably, that would have been the worst decision he could have made – and it really wouldn’t have gone down well at all with the fans.

Thankfully, according to the latest reports, that won’t be happening, because The Beast’s SummerSlam status has been confirmed.

Brad Shepard of Barn Burner has revealed that Lesnar is now confirmed for both SummerSlam and Monday Night RAW the following night.

So now, it looks like we will certainly be getting the main event that fans are expecting, between Brock and The Big Dog.

It will be very interesting to see how the WWE Universe reacts to either outcome of that match.

If Reigns wins the title, expect to hear a lot of backlash, especially in New York. But even if Lesnar defends, there could still be a lot of ill-feeling, because he’s rarely on RAW at all.

Still, though, McMahon will build the match and the outcome that he thinks is “best for business”, regardless of what a majority of WWE fans think.