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The retirement Johm Cena has been a hot debate topic in the WWE for a while now. Fans are hoping he will stay for a very long time in the WWE before he retires, it is however a painful truth that the retirement of John Cena is closer than we all expected.

During a recent video coverage for GQ, WWE superstar John Cena answered a few questions fans have always been asking. John Cena commented about who should be the big man to retire him from in-ring competition.

John Cena seems to be In good shape to continue his career in the WWE despite his Age. But due to numerous injuries sustained during his career, his time in the WWE may be limited.

When the WWE superstar was asked who should be the man to retire Big Match him from in-ring competition on Reddit. Cena made the following statement.

“I’d like to think that I could do that under my own accord. Unless we could get a suitable substitute. Will Ferrell. Or Jason Statham. Channing Tatum would be a good choice, too. I think. Tina Fey. She’d be a good one to retire me. Alec Baldwin as well. I could—actually, now I have a long list of people.”

We are not likely to get a serious answer from The WWE Superstar now because he feels he still have a long time to Spend in the ring before announcing his retirement. However, Cena Vs Nakamura would be a great match to end his career.