BREAKING NEWS: WWE Champion Charlotte Flair Can No Longer Stay Single… She Already Has NEW BOYFRIEND — See Who Charlotte Flair Is Currently Dating

Who Is Charlotte Flair Dating Currently?

Charlotte Flair has quickly become one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling. What you might not know about her life outside of the ring is that she has been married two times in the past. She is still far away from her father: Ric Flair who has been divorced 4 times.

Here is the Charlotte Flair husband & dating information that we know about.

Charlotte Flair Husband Information:

  •  She was married to a man named: Riki Johnson in May of 2010. The couple divorced shortly after. She went into detail about the relationship in her book: Second Nature: The Legacy of Ric Flair and the Rise of Charlotte. Charlotte wrote in the book that Johnson was physical with her in the past during their relationship.
  •  Charlotte Flair was later married to former TNA star: Bram (real name: Thomas Latimer) from 2013-2015. In 2015, Latimer was arrested for domestic abuse. This was NOT with Charlotte as the couple had been separated at the time. It was instead with the girlfriend that he was living with. Later, all of the charges were dropped. The couple’s divorce was finalized in 2015 and therefore, put her at 2 divorces.

Charlotte spoke in a 2017 interview about being embarrassed about the number of times she has been divorced and people making fun of her for it. Next time you want to make a joke about it, you might want to think twice.

Now See Who Is Charlotte Flair Dating Currently?