BREAKING NEWS: WWE Champion Jinder Mahal Suspended For Violating WWE Wellness Policy? – See Official Report

Violation of WWE Wellness Policy leads to Suspension — WWE takes it’s Wellness Policy very seriously

The sudden rise of current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has got eyes spinning and tongue waggling especially as he now sits comfortably as the face of SmackDown Live and hoping to hold onto the title as long as he possibly can.

His match against Randy Orton at WWE Backlash has been historic especially as it gave Mahal his first WWE Championship after joining biggest wrestling promotion in the world managed by Vince McMahon.

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However, there seems to be a stumbling block on the way, fans do not believe that his dominating profile and physique is natural and they have said as much. Also Natural bodybuilder Nick Miller share the same faith; he thinks that Mahal is on Steroids and should be tested outright. Miller believes that current WWE Champion didn’t achieve his new physique in a natural fashion and thinks he should be tested.

Hence, Mahal has granted interview to address the accusations from fans and the WWE Universe. While he spoke about a numbers, it came to the topic of him using PEDs and he said his huge and dominating figure is nothing short an extreme workout regimen plus adequate intake of legal supplements and protein.

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“I don’t think people realize the hard work that goes into it. Nobody sees the work I’m putting in the gym. Nobody sees me doing cardio first thing in the morning. Nobody sees me lugging around that suitcase. And just generally, people don’t have that much knowledge about diet and the effects that diet alone can have on your body. If you see a bodybuilder before they’re in competition shape to when they get into competition shape, that’s all dieting, carb cutting, and macronutrients. I mean, you can totally transform yourself just by cutting carbs and even something as simple as drinking a gallon of water a day. The average person—like, 90 percent of the average population—is dehydrated. That’s another thing that I do now, which has been a huge key.”

But that’s not the end of the story, after Nick Miller’s submission, word is that WWE might be thinking running a test on Jinder Mahal and if found positive, he would definitely be suspended for WWE is very strict on their Wellness Policy.