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It seems that the whole rumors of Paige leaving the WWE is to be proven false since it has been announced that Paige would be returning on the next week episode of the WWE Monday night RAW and will be strongly involved in the show.

It was rumored that Paige had hired an attorney to help her with the request of her release from the WWE which is gradually proving to be untrue for even Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated that this is not the case just yet. Paige was suspended for violating the company’s wellness which looks like the suspension will expire on the 17 of this month and Paige will be seen on the Monday night RAW at last.

It is revealed that Paige has broken the hearts of so many folks in the WWE Universe with her recent attitude. Paige and Alberto Del Rio’s relationship has gone rampage in social media and both has been so closed that it was believed that Paige will not return to WWE again since Alberto is gone out from the company.

Well, according to PWInsider, Paige will be returning to the road next week. PWInsider also reported that despite previous reports, Paige and WWE are still very much in communication. Paige is in fact booked for next week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, and also the subsequent Raw events. The Diva has been a top star in the company for some years and has incurred lots of fans and love from the universe.

It has never pleased some persons in the WWE seeing Del Rio dating Paige because they feel that it is just going to lead to Paige’s career destructions. The WWE has threatened to leave Paige else she will be fired. Anyway, there are still more to expect from the 2 time women’s champion Paige which means that her return is going to be widely welcomed by many.