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The recent dating story of Paige and Alberto Del Rio is all a menace as it is observed to be a setup for the Total Diva. Rio is revealed to be married and fans have kept on wondering why the relationship between these superstars still has life.

Last night after Money in the Bank PPV, Paige, along with her new boyfriend Alberto Del Rio was arrested for domestic violence. Paige and Rio was seen quarrelling disturbing the whole environment but the reason for their quarrel was not made known in any sense.

The arrest is proved to be true because a fan captured a picture of the arrest and posted it on twitter with the inscription that Paige has been arrested. Tweets are stated below this post. This arrest, will indeed cause some mishap amongst WWE fans and officials based on the fact that the both lovers arrested are superstars of the WWE.

Well, the arrest has not been confirmed anyway and we hope to hear more from WWE and to see much other proof but as for now, this information is as to what is really going on in the universe. More stories will reach you as soon as we receive words concerning the arrest. More updates coming your way. Stay online.