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TRIPLE H is leaving the company and will be unable to wrestle for several months and this will almost certainly prevent him from competing at WrestleMania.

During the nostalgic showdown between D-Generation X and The Brothers of Destruction at WWE Crown Jewel, Triple H sustained what appears to be a torn pectoral muscle, reported.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson heard from several WWE sources that Triple H is heading directly to Birmingham, Alabama to get what is believed to have been a right pectoral muscle tear officially diagnosed and if needed, undergo immediate surgery. If surgery is necessary, he will be unable to wrestle for several months and this will almost certainly prevent him from competing at WrestleMania.

NXT wrestler Tino Sabbatelli suffered a torn pectoral muscle during a match in late April and he was expected to be out of action for six to nine months. He underwent surgery six months ago this week and he still hasn’t returned to action. So Triple H probably wouldn’t be able to wrestle again until at least May.

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Even if Triple H is healed just in time for WrestleMania, it’s still unlikely that he will wrestle at the show. WWE generally has their plans for WrestleMania finalized by late February and wrestlers who are cleared to compete during March usually don’t return to action until after the show. WWE generally doesn’t book wrestlers for matches until they’re cleared to compete.

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The injury occurred when Triple H was tossed over the top rope early in the main event. It was clear immediately that something was wrong because you could see that he was not moving his right arm and he was talking to Michaels at ringside.

Later in the match, you could hear The Undertaker tell Kane that Hunter hurt his pec. Michael Cole said on commentary that it looked like he injured his rib but that did not look to be the case. Throughout the match, everything Hunter did looked awkward because he was not able to move his right arm.

Following the injury to Hunter, the match fell apart somewhat as HBK, The Undertaker and Kane had to work the match on the fly, an especially difficult proposition when Michaels has not wrestled for over eight years. He probably did not expect to be carrying his end of the match quite as much as he had to.

Triple H tried to stay active in a spot outside of the ring with Kane where they both ended up crashing unconvincingly into the barricades. It was clear at this point that Hunter had limited movement in his right arm and was barely able to move it. A spot was improvised to put him through the announce table so Dr. Chris Amman could check him out.

Michaels also got hurt from a risky moonsault from the top turnbuckle to the outside, which left him bloody and temporarily dazed.

Hunter returned to the ring to close out the match (because with DX winning the match there was no way Michaels could realistically beat both of them on his own) and struggled through a few spots with Kane.

The match ended with a Michaels superkick to Kane followed by a gentle Pedigree from Triple H, who scored the pinfall victory.