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The WWE has Fired SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon; Finally GOODBYE To Shane McMahon…

Shane McMahon was indefinitely suspended by WWE few days ago.

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The organization shared video of Daniel Bryan relaying the message from McMahon’s father, Vince, who is also the WWE CEO as detailed below.

Geno Mrosko of Cageside Seats noted McMahon had previously attacked Kevin Owens after the latter told him “right to [his] face, that his kids would be better off if he died in a helicopter crash.”

However, McMahon apologized on his Twitter page:

This all occurred at WWE SmackDown in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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McMahon went after Owens so hard after the children comment that Bryan and others had to step in to break things up. Owens threatened lawsuits against the McMahon family, which surely caught Vince’s eye as he issued the suspension.