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The WWE which is believed to be the biggest company in the world of wrestling yesterday released another press statement confirming the release of few of its performers including the personality and backstage interviewer in what is believed to be either termination of contract or expiration of contract.

The NXT stars to be leaving the company according to the statement are Andrea D’Marco, Chris Atkins and Josh Bredl, it also talks about veteran sports announcer Mauro Ranallo’s upcoming departure from the The WWE.

This report is reminding you in case you forgot that Andrea D’Marco signed a contract with the WWE in 2016 and served mainly as an on-air personality and backstage interviewer on the NXT brand. Chris Atkins performed at a handful of NXT live events in the past and wrestled his most recent debut against Oney Lorcan for the company.

This means that barely a year after, the WWE is bent on releasing the erstwhile Dolphins cheerleader Angela D’Marco who rarely appears on Monday Night Raw throughout her stay with the company.

Meanwhile, Australian Superstar Chris Atkins, who signed with the promotion back in 2015, has only made sporadic appearances with the NXT over the past couple of years. As we had previously reported, the young prospect has been let go by WWE, and following suit is fellow NXT prospect Josh Bredl, who’s better known as Bronson Matthews.
Bredl’s case is being attributed by many to his concussion problems, owing to which he’s been unable to perform with WWE since August of last year.

On The Exclusion List
The person of Ranallo, who is potentially a young prospect is capable of coming back to the company anytime soon.
He was later seen leaving with the Singh Brothers in a limousine along with the title. This clearly shows that Mahal means business and that he wants to be taken seriously, not just by Orton but by the entire WWE Universe.