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Over some years now, it is revealed that WWE produced lots of superstars both in the present days and even in the previous days of the reign as an entertainment company in the field of wrestling. Most of their past superstars have all be inducted into the company’s Hall of Fame which has kept them still eminent even though they are no more fighting.

Many times, there have been the report of some wrestlers who are facing really serious health issues and these are very complicated. Some have been reported dead either while others are still alive but seriously sick. Well, even though their reign in the WWE seems to have short circuited, their lives and legendary works still speaks after them.

Lately, we learnt from Great Northern Wrestling earlier today, through the wife of Billy Graham, that former WWE Champion and WWE Hall of Famer that “Superstar” Billy Graham has been admitted to the Mayo Clinic and is suffering from some serious medical issues. Graham will undergo a procedure on Wednesday to get to the root of his medical issues.

More so, it is revealed that “Superstar” Billy Graham is one of the most important wrestlers in the history of the business. He was an innovator and way ahead of his time as a trend setter. He influenced a whole generation of wrestlers and some of the most important figures in the wrestling business like Hulk Hogan, Diamond Dallas Page, Triple H and Paul Heyman. This legend has really affected lives of so many superstars and even officials in the company while he was still there as a wrestler.

Furthermore, “Superstar” Billy Graham is seen as a model in and beyond WWE. There are other wrestlers who would want to be like him but as the case may be, there can never be another “Superstar” Billy Graham in the field of wrestling.