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Following activities that went down on Monday night RAW, serious speculation has been surfacing from the company, particularly concerning the behavior of its superstars, following this development one of her superstar may be suspended and disciplined for her behavior during the event at the last RAW.

The moment which led to the propose band, occurred during the match between Bayley and Charlotte, which took place after it was announced that Bayley’s win last week on Raw was expunged due to the referee not stopping the count when Charlotte’s shoulder was up.

Decision by official from Bayley last match with Charlotte, resulted in her getting another rematch to determine if she will be the number one contender for Charlotte’s Women’s title, but with the added caveat that Charlotte would get ;pan impartial referee. Of course this turned out to be Dana Brooke, who fast counted and ultimately handed Charlotte the win, but not before Bayley put her hands on Brooke during the match. Unfortunately for Bayley, that could be determined as putting her hands on an official and she would face consequences for her actions.

With that being said, a suspension would be a great way to go about this storyline, especially since it would build a vast amount of sympathy for Bayley from The WWE Universe and would also further her storyline with Charlotte in the best way possible. Sure, doing that would most likely rob fans of Bayley for a couple of weeks, but it would definitely help build up suspense for Bayley to come back as well. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to tell us if you think she should be