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Paige and Alberto Del Rio Finally Break Up After Being Drafted to Separate Teams on Total Divas: “It’s F–kin’ Done”. Note that Paige has been facing huge challenge with returning to WWE after a sex tape scandal.

Former WWE Divas Paige has admitted that he felt so miserable after being drafted to separate teams on the last episode of Total Divas.

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The fans lover was so emotional about the thing; who could have known? Hence, she said, “I’m so f–king miserable.”
In the last episode of Total Divas show, the 24-year old WWE Star revealed that she and Alberto Del Rio had broken up. Oh yes, It’s was an emotional Total Divas for Paige, it really was.

Before then, when the episode just began, Paige and Alberto were drafted to separate WWE teams. While Alberto Del Rio was drafted to SmackDown LIVE, Paige was full of hopes, she thought she would be drafted to the same brand but alas, the English professional wrestler and actress was drafted to WWE RAW and that unseated her.

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Yes, information reaching our news crew revealed that Saraya-Jade Bevis also known as Paige was really upset about the whole thing.

Then just at the end of the episode, Paige said that she and Alberto broke up because they won’t be able to see each other.
“Me and Alberto broke up,” Paige said. “It makes me really sad because he’s the only guy I’ve ever loved in my life.”