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The president of WWE has left the company. It was reported that Gerrit Meier, the President of the WWE International division has left the company however, he reason behind his departure is not yet known.

Before coming to the WWE, Gerrit Meier worked for Distributor and partnerships at Spotify as the Global General Manager. He also helped in the creation of the iHeart Radio brand for Clear Channel Media and Entertainment (ICCME).

Gerrit Meier who was hired back in March 2013 was in charge of growing WWE‘s business outside the United state of America. His management made a notable impact in countries like Brazil, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and U.A.E.

This is seen as a big blow for WWE as right now they are keen on building their brand name outside of their usual market more than ever. In fact, they even said in one of their latest investor presentations that they expect major growth of WWE Network from international sources.

The company also recently made a multi-year deal with PPTV to air their weekly programs (Raw and Smackdown) in Mandarin in China which shows their high ambitions regarding Asian countries like India and China.

It’s still not known if they will hire someone else to take the place of Meier or they will restructure their current international division and promote an existing employee.