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WWE Star Bayley has broken up with her beloved boyfriend after a pretty while together. Bayley has opened up and announced that she lost a boyfriend owing to infidelity issue.

Well, love could be very sweet and interesting especially when the partners are faithful to each other but when there are traces of infidelity and unfaithfulness, then that relationship is as good as “break up.”

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Something similar happened to former WWE Divas Champion Paige who cheated on her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio when she was involved in a nasty sex tape with WWE Superstars Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox.

Now this is the case of Bayley and what a shock it was to learn that her boyfriend dumped her because he suspected her to be having an affair with Matt Hardy after a sensual hug and soft moments together.

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Yes, several images and videos depicting Paige in highly sexual situations surfaced online due to hackers’ slyness. WWE Paige, Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox THREESOME Sex Tape which resulted to Paige nearly coming suicide as she lost her sense of womanhood and seen as a terrible figure in the society and public places.

Two photos were originally published by the popular @WWEPPorn Twitter account, which boasts 180,000 followers. The first photo shows Paige with her butt towards the camera and with no underwear wearing only a title around her waist. In the picture, it’s not clear if it’s the NXT Women’s title or the Divas title.

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The second photo has Paige taking a photo in a bathroom facing a mirror exposing one of her breasts and doing the “duck face.” The timing of these photos is not the best considering WWE is teaming up with Dwayne Johnson’s production studio to film Fighting With My Family, a movie based on her family.

That said, Bayley is the latest victim of such possible reality as she has opened up that she lost her boyfriend after Matt Hardy gave her a sensitive hug.

WWE started up a series it’s calling “Superstar Superfan,” which is just a deep dive into the how much of a fan of wrestling — and WWE, more specifically — its wrestlers are. In this Episode Bayley was featured, and she tells a few fun stories, like this one about Matt Hardy, whom she met when she was 15:

“Really embarrassing, I had a boyfriend at this time. That I met in like summer school and then this happened and I swear that’s all I could talk about. ‘He did this, and then he did this in his match, and he gave me a hug, look at all these pictures.’ I was posting it all over like MySpace and stuff. I literally think the reason this guy broke up with me is because I couldn’t stop talking about this. I don’t know if he was jealous or if he was just like ‘this chick is weird.’ Maybe a combo of both but Matt Hardy ended my relationship. So, whatever man.”

The full episode: