BREAKING NEWS: WWE Star Paige Finally Pregnant With Her First Child? — See Which Superstar Impregnated Her, See Pregnancy Photo

Paige has had quite the eventful few months, and most of them she’s shared with fans over social media.She always do that, I dare tell you.


Even when she was  engaged to former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio, it was not different. to her, that’s her life and she keeps her fans base growing through her updates on social media.

But her latest post paints the love of her life in a very different way.

The fan favorite recently tweeted a picture of her boyfriend looking, well, a bit different than fans are used to. She posted the picture with a caption that said “You’re right. He’s pregnant and pretty.


The result of some photoshop magic is a female body wearing a polka dot print dress, a large necklace, and long brown hair. That would be enough to elicit a “whaaa” from most, but when Del Rio’s face is supplanted on top of it all, well, that’s just another thing entirely. Good luck getting that image out of your head now, and you’re welcome.

This is just a continuation of the entertaining back and forth the two have on social media, and despite the recent controversies with her boyfriend, the two seem quite happy.

As for Paige, she has resigned to fate that she can no longer do wrestling again after doctors declared her unfit for wrestling activities after she was blasted by Sasha Banks, The Boss in one of their encounters.

You’re right. He’s pregnant and pretty. @VivaDelRio

— PAIGE (@RealPaigeWWE) January 4, 2017

Only time will tell if she ends up back in a WWE ring, but certainly, her fans are hopeful that she will at some point make a return.