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Reports from several sources say that WWE Superstar was Rubbed At Gun Point. The Pro Wrestling Sheet earlier reported that Lucha Underground and Lucha Libre AAA Star Penta El Zero M (formerly known as) Pentagon Jr. was robbed at gunpoint earlier today.

According to sources, he was travelling to a DEFY Wrestling event in Seattle and was on the way to the airport when three men with motorcycles surrounded his car. The three masked men were carrying firearms. They approached Pentagon’s vehicle and demanded that he give them his cellphone, wallet, keys and backpack.

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Witnesses says that Pentagon pleaded the men to let him have his backpack since it contained his wrestling gear, mask and documents which he needed to travel. The masked rubbers ignored Penta’s requests and left with the all valuables they could get.

Pentagon was However not harmed during the incedent, but he lost a lot of valuable papers which he needed to travel to the United States, including his passport.

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He tried boarding the plane without his papers but the Mexican airport officials refused to let him through without proper paperwork.

Pentagon will not appear in the DEFY show scheduled for tonight and only after he gets the documents in order will he be travelling to the US for shows.