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Rusev and his wife Lana are one step away from leaving the company, our source have learnt.

Probably the end has come for Rusev and his beloved wife Lana as the WWE officials made surprising update as regards the match between the Bulgarian Brute and The Undertaker at the WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble.

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The last 48 hours for the Bulgarian Brute have been terrible, everyone could say that. Few days ago, Rusev was booked in a marquee match with The Undertaker for the WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble Network special on April 27 in Saudi Arabia.

And Rusev began to promote the feud on social media hours after the WWE announced the match. Yes, it was understandable.

Then in the days that followed, Rusev and his wife Lana conducted an interview with TMZ and the leader of the Rusev Day movement talked a little trash to The Deadman. The TMZ video interview would then catch the attention of The Undertaker’s wife, former WWE wrestler Michelle McCool, and something just felt off about the whole interaction.

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Hours after the interview dropped, Rusev was unceremoniously removed from his casket match with The Undertaker and replaced with Chris Jericho.

Rusev WWE Departure

After losing his shot versus The Undertaker at the Greatest Royal Rumble, Rusev changed his profile picture on Twitter and deleted all references to the WWE from his profile.

Then Rusev would go on to tweet below.

“Life is life….. it will be #RusevDay somewhere”

It should also be noted that Rusev does not, or no longer, follows any of the WWE’s accounts on any social media.

Is Rusev, real name Miroslav Barnyashev, getting ready for something? Well, we can only assure you that it’s a matter of time, possibly in the days ahead, Rusev will be let off the company, we dare say so.