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The United States of America’s election has finally come to pass and it the winner happens to be the bosom friend of Vince McMahon Donald Trump.

Before the election, several of the WWE were all in support of Trump where as others in the WWE Universe were strongly against him winning at the election.

Just after the election, report stated that some folks in the WWE universe detest the facts that Donald Trump won the election. They thought it was supposed to be his rival that would have emerged as the new United Stated president. But all the same, time and chance has finally proven the winner and there is nothing that could be done now.

Whether or not the world loves Donald Trump, it won’t change him as the president of the US. All the citizens have to do is just to give him a chance to show what he has in stock for his people who he has been elected to govern. Below are twitter reactions by WWE Universe towards Trump’s winning: