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The die for WWE’s WrestleMania 32 has just been thrown and far more than imagined, John Cena would be staging war against The Undertaker, according to PWInsider.

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There would be several bouts on that day but just like this year’s Hell in A Cell where Brock Lesnar faced The Undertaker, John Cena vs The Undertaker bout would rule the day for WrestleMania 32.

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The match fixtures between the two have been talked about, debated for ages and finally it seems its here, that is, if WWE eventually seals the deal. Anything can change in the mark of WWE, you know, it has changed several times in the past already and would do so even now and in the future.

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Anyway, it has been rumored that John Cena and The Undertaker had different agenda and never thought of clashing in the WrestleMania 32 prior to the report. But sources said that the match is most likely to occur in WrestleMania 32 as a fitting end to The Undertaker’s career.

More details shortly…

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