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Paige and her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio’s relationship have gone wide and viral ever since they started dating. They almost took over the social media with their love pictures of romance and others.

Report has it that, Del Rio and his wife are still legally married even though they are not in good terms, Del Rios wife filed paper against him but even at that, the Attorney made it clear that the couples are still legally married until their divorce is officiated.

With desperation of love for Del Rio, Paige proposed to Del Rio and this became the news of the year. Hearing this, Del Rio’s wife’s lawyer sent a cool warning to Paige advising to be careful with her engagement considering the level of maltreats Del gave to his wife.

In the days that followed, it was unclear whether the couple might be breaking up, as Paige deleted all photos of Del Rio from her Instagram page. She later posted a picture of herself with Del Rio with the caption, “I miss you Papi and I need you in my life..”

It sounds as if Paige hearkened to the lawyer and so many fans believed that Paige would quit the relationship, only to discover that the relationship has gone even more. Recent rumor has it that Paige is thinking of walking out of Del Rio’s life. This actually sounds impossible, well; let’s see if this rumor turns out to be true or false.