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Bryan Lloyd Danielson is an American professional wrestler, better known by his current ring name Daniel Bryan.

Wrestling is very dangerous and at times the wrestlers suffer severe injuries, no doubt.

Even though it’s called fake because sometimes the injuries are pre-planned, the general risk involved is still high and awful. Yes, a wrestler may have been told prior to a match that he/she would be taking some time off for an injury as part of their contract and the opponent will work with the same graph to see to the actualization of that design.

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Also, an imaginary injury could be cooked up to create a feud between two wrestlers for the benefit of fans.

On the other side of the pitch, a wrestler may suffer a real-life injury in a match and that could be severe because it’s usual off contract.
Now let’s take a look at WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan.

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Daniel Bryan suffered a real-life injury in May, 2015 and with the fallout information available to our news crew, this could mean a severe setback in his pro wrestling career as there’s no stated date for his return. He suffered the injury in a match against Sheamus at the Intercontinental Championship.

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