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TNA as a Company has been experience some sorts of crises lately. Things happen to be falling apart in the TNA Company.

The major owner of the company has refused to change ownership and this has made the company to remain as it were since the financial crises began. Lots of top superstars and officials have all gone out of the company due to the present condition of the Company.

Just yesterday, it was reported that a top writer in the TNA Company had just left the Company. The report stated that, David Lagana, TNA’s head writer, left the company yesterday. Lagana, made this news public after he published a long note on his Medium page. Below are some excerpts from the note:

“I’ve been very lucky to work with every major talent in the history of the sport and learn from its brightest minds; Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman, Dusty Rhodes, Pat Patterson, Gerry Brisco, Shawn Michaels, Paul Levesque, Michael Hayes, Brian Gewirtz, Adam Pearce, Hunter Johnson, Matt Conway, Billy Corgan, Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff, Bruce Prichard, Jeff Jarrett, and Dutch Mantel.

Today I made the decision to leave TNA Impact Wrestling. A decision I do not make lightly but one I made to create a future that I control. In 2017, you need to look forward to 2020 and beyond. My focus now is on personal branding, technology and the wild west of storytelling available to all content creators today.”

This is getting very serious; is there any hope for TNA? Does TNA have a future that should be hoped for? Well, with the look of things, we just cannot tell even though there is the right mindset inside of us. TNA is gradually passing away.