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It has just been reported that two superstars has been released from the company due to behavioral issues which has stayed in the record of the company for a long time.

Ring side news is reporting that TNA Impact Wrestling released two talents from their tag team division. Basile Baraka and Baron Dax of The Tribunal were not re-signed by the company once their contracts ran out.

It is revealed that these men are not even from the same country for this, it has been very difficult for them to dwell as tag team to make it to Orlando, Florida for the television tapings.

Report has it that, they came into the company in March of 2016 when they debuted at TNA’s One Night Only Victory Road 2 in a losing effort against the Bromans. According to, The Tribunal has a record of 3 wins and 9 losses; most of those losses were suffered at the hands of The Hardys.

The team originally came on the scene in NXT as The French tag team known as The Legionnaires under the names Slyvester Lefort and Marcus Louis. They were with the WWE from 2013 to February of this year. This is one of many releases that has been announced for the future as well as those that occurred this year.