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In a recent interview with the Gorilla Position podcast, Paige revealed that Nikki Bella would be out of actions for about four more weeks or so. She commented on this when she was asked about the injury status of Nikki Bella. This implies that Nikki Bella would miss this weekend WWE’s Survivors Series and would return to action just about the same time her boyfriend; John Cena is planning to return. But, in another recent report, Nikki Bella posted on social media that she is back to the gym and set to return for actions. This means that she may feature at WWE’s weekend Survivors Series. More details on her returning later.

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Nikki Bella has been out of actions since October 26 Raw which took place at her hometown, San Diego, California. About a week after, she posted on Instagram that she was rehabilitating a neck injury. Few days later, reported that apart from the neck injury Nikki suffers, she also nags with a hip injury. The media went bananas until WWE came out officially to speak on Nikki’s injury.

According to WWE, Nikki is resting a “sore back”.

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