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It is a well known fact that, WWE Veteran Superstar, The Undertaker is expected to begin work on his schedule of almost every week that is supposed to lead to a championship match against AJ Style at the Royal Rumble. However, whistleblowers are saying The Undertaker will be the winner of the WWE Championship and will in turn take it to WrestleMania 33 where he will be challenged by John Cena. A match of the day; as it is expected to be at WrestleMania. had it that, the hip Surgery that was recently carried out on The Undertaker could enable him one last run of regular appearance. However, The Undertaker is most likely to have his retirement after the WrestleMania 33.

Originally he booted for WrestleMania 32, especially as he dropped his wrestling glove on the ring after he defeated Shane McMahon. Somewhat later, reported that The Undertaker began telling guests and friends on the occasion that that very match was his last.

Things fell apart greatly between him and the WWE CEO as a result of the event but later, just a little while ago, the mended their boats and put things right again. Now, The Undertaker is back, the question is, “Will he finally do the retirement thing at WrestleMania 33?”

Stay with us for further clarifications and updates as this still remains unproved by The Undertaker.