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Speculation’s been rampant since Sunday when websites and fans noticed a lot of cable & satellite companies weren’t advertising the Oct. 14 Raw the same way WWE was.

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Normally, we’d all write that kind of thing off to “plans change” and simple miscommunication. But seeing as the difference dealt with Sasha Banks, who reports say injured her tailbone at Hell in a Cell last Sunday (Oct. 6), and listings showed Charlotte Flair instead of Banks in the match with Becky Lynch to determine whether Raw or SmackDown gets first pick on night two of the Draft… well, a possible change seemed more plausible.

WWE stuck to the original advertising for most of the day, with Sasha herself even retweeting one of their promotional posts. But roughly four hours before showtime in Denver, they confirmed the switch:

Rather than come up with an angle to explain the change, we’ve got the company seemingly confirming Banks’ injury.

We’ve also got a woman who’s technically in the Draft pool for tonight representing the blue brand, so Charlotte could win first pick for SmackDown and end up on Raw by the end of the night.
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Who knows? We might after the show – follow along with in our live blog to see if that’s the case.