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WWE officials have been making serious reshuffling to the Women’s division on Raw for some weeks now, and they could be planning a change for Nia Jax that the fans won’t see coming.

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News: Surprising Babyface Turn Being Planned For Nia Jax, Feud With Alexa Bliss Coming Soon WWE officials have made some huge changes to the Women’s division on Raw over the past few weeks, but they could be planning a change for Nia Jax that the fans won’t see coming.

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Since the “Superstar Shakeup,” Alexa Bliss has emerged the Raw Women’s Champion, Mickie James has also moved to Raw, and others are being frequently featured on television except Nia Jax.

Since Nia Jax has been booked on the main roster after the WWE Draft, she has been pushed as a monster heel in the women’s division. Her stature and posture make her a natural for the role.

However, her booking has not been overly strong, and she has lost some big matches. Some surprising losses and a non-consistent role on WWE television have kept her off the ring for some time now but things are expected to take a new turn for her.

After Charlotte moved to SmackDown, her place was taken by Alexa Bliss. Establishing herself as the top heel for the brand after winning the Raw Women’s Title. Bayley, Sasha Banks, and others are now in pursuit of her championship.

WWE officials could go in many different directions after Bliss’ title win, but the powers that be are planning for Nia Jax to have a surprising babyface run and engages Alexa Bliss in a debut.

Circulating on the media now is that WWE officials are planning that babyface run for her down the line. The assumption is she would make the turn after WWE Summerslam.

Don’t forget that Bayley hasn’t been fixed for her debut with Alexa Bliss after losing the championship at WWE Payback. Bliss also defeated Bayley again on Raw during the tag team match. The belief is that WWE officials are planning to gloss over Bayley’s right for a rematch.