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Ever since the interference of Triple H at Monday night RAW show, he has never been seen again anywhere around the ring of WWE.

Triple H made a surprising return to the ring and issued a Pedigree on Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns causing Kevin Owens to win the Universal championship title. It has been rumored several times that there would be feud involving Seth Rollins against Triple H but recent report states that the match has been canceled.

The reason for this is believed to be that ever since Triple H showed up at RAW with a double turn on Roman and Seth in August; he has not appeared on any of the WWE shows. Seth is currently involved in a storyline with Chris Jericho, and the report says that this feud was initially believed to help occupy Rollins until ‘The Game’ makes his on-screen return.

Triple H may not have dreamt of returning to the ring for now. It is revealed that Vince McMahon would love Seth Rollins to face Finn Balor again at WrestleMania 33. Vince thinks that this would be a better booking and the build-up for this bout would be on the lines of Balor seeking redemption, as the former’s injury was caused by Seth.

Furthermore, it is certain to happen Vince McMahon’s way at WrestleMania 33 just as the feud between Seth and HHH has been cancelled.