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Working as a wrestler under WWE has given the former RAW women’s champion Charlotte Flair a heart like that of a lion to think and pursue any dream in her fighting career. It has been reported that the Diva is finally on her way to MMA.

Obviously, the worlds of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts collide more often than you might have thought, with the two forms of sports entertainment requiring a number of similar attributes in order to succeed. Sure, pro wrestlers wouldn’t be able to just walk into the Octagon, but with a bit of fine tuning, it’s certainly possible.

Charlotte Flair may be the queen of the squared circle, but if her rapid development as a professional wrestler is anything to go by, then it seems entirely possible that she could thrive in other sports, too.

She is young, athletic and appears to be genetically superior to just about everyone she gets in the ring with, which is saying something, given the quality of her opposition in the past.