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Eric Bischoff and Bret HartOn the most recent edition of Eric Bischoff’s podcast, Bischoff examined WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart’s run in WCW. Following the podcast, the video below was released by The Pro Wrestling Show, featuring Hart responding to Bischoff’s podcast.


“Eric Bischoff is an idiot”, claimed Hart. “Total, complete idiot. Maybe the single stupidest idiot that ever got into wrestling. I could sit here for too long and talk about all the stupid things…a guy who never came through on anything he said.

Bret Hart The Hitman

Even when Bret Hart was a bad guy in WWE, he was beloved by Canadians

He had zero ideas for wrestling. You could go in and give him ideas for wrestling. ‘Why don’t you go and put me Booker T, put me with Chris Benoit, put me with this guy…[Bischoff] always had a bulls**t excuse why he couldn’t do it.”

You can hear more from Bischoff in video player below:

Bret Hart calls Eric Bischoff stupid guy

Martha Hart discusses the First ‘Fracture’ in Her Relationship With Bret Hart — Bret Hart replies her

Bret Hart and Martha HartMartha Hart tells TheWrap there’s no dollar amount Vince McMahon could donate to her charity that would make her approve Owen’s induction into WWE Hall of Fame.

Martha Hart, the widow of late WWE Superstar Owen Hart, has “no relationship” with her brother-in-law Bret “Hitman” Hart, she told TheWrap. But it wasn’t always that way.

“Unfortunately, I have no relationship with Bret,” Martha Hart told us ahead of the premiere for Vice’s “Dark Side of the Ring” Season 2 finale, “The Final Days of Owen Hart.”

Dark Side of the Ring looks at the death of Owen Hart

Dark Side of the Ring looks at the death of Owen Hart

“Bret was supportive throughout the lawsuit, but there were a few things that were a problem with Bret,” she said. “First of all, when we were going through the lawsuit, he really was hoping that I would be able to help him get his wrestling footage. Because at the time, he had no relationship with WWE and he was hoping somehow — if we ever had a settlement — that we could work it in.”

In having control over one’s WWF footage, a wrestler would not only be able to use the materials for his or her own future projects, it would have theoretically prevented McMahon from releasing an unflattering DVD, like the company did with the Ultimate Warrior in 2005’s “The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior.”

Martha Hart and Owen HartMartha Hart says “the rest of the Hart Family is working against her”

“When that didn’t happen, he was very upset that he didn’t get his footage,” Martha — the founder of The Owen Hart Foundation — continued. “It prompted him to befriend Vince [McMahon, the chairman of WWE] again so he could have access to his footage. That was the first fracture in our relationship.”

Had Hart gotten his wish, he would have also commanded a license fee for any such release, positive or negative, that relied on the footage. (Hart would not have a say in or a share of the profits from the home-video release of a WWE event he participated in, like a WrestleMania X DVD, for example.)

Martha says Bret became “really nasty” after she wouldn’t allow his little brother Owen to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. That’s when she says Bret “seemed to turn.”

Bret Hart wrestling legend

In a statement to TheWrap, Bret Hart said: “While I am not interested in engaging in any more media mudslinging between Martha and myself especially in light of a global pandemic, I will say that our fallout is multifaceted. To say that it only involved being able to access and use my WWE footage and photos for future projects would merely be an oversimplification and inaccurate. I will not comment any further on the matter.”

WWE did not reply to our request for comment on this story.

Bret Hart said it bothers him that Owen has not been inducted in the Hall of Fame

Bret Hart said it bothers him that Owen (pictured on the right during a wrestling match) has not been inducted in the Hall of Fame