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We couldn’t have believed what happened at last night WWE TLC that Roman Reigns was going end up losing the match to Sheamus. It was a great night, shouts went up from fans, screams from the audience turned into the ring generously, there was tension in the air and vibrations from the ringside. Roman Reigns was almost there but just almost, never got there.

Sheamus eventually climbed and captured the belt to seal the deal. That was it; Sheamus somehow climbed a ladder and retrieve his WWE World Title. Reigns would have captured it, was it not for the interference that came from the League of Nation members Alberto Del Rio and Rusev.

Afterwards, Reigns got angry and decided to spoil anything spoilable. He judged that the League shouldn’t have gotten involved in the entire scene of play. He became mad and took out his anger at the entire team on his own, except for Wade Barrett who was not there.

Concerned, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came in to see how they could turn him down but met the bad side of Reigns that night. Reigns took his anger at Triple H with a superman punch and various chair shots. This led to him powerbombing The Game onto a table, which didn’t break, then a flying elbow was done on Triple H to fully break the table.

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Consequently, it has been reported that WWE Executive are not comfortable with the actions Reigns took against Triple H.

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According to, “Following Roman Reigns’ vicious attack on WWE COO Triple H at the WWE TLC pay-per-view, has learned that The Game is being evaluated by WWE medical staff and will be observed overnight.”

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But there are arguments at some quarters that the whole thing was part of a storyline. Well, that may have some substance in it but it cannot be said with absolute certainty our source revealed. It was noted that although the earlier punches Reigns leveled against HHH was not retaliated neither did it seem to bother HHH in any way, which may be part of the big storyline but when Reigns powerbombed him on the table and did a flying elbow on him, the storyline must have changed. Yes, the whole game had a different interpretation from that point as HHH might have injured a rib or two.

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Now, WWE is bent on asking The Authority to come out with punishment fitting enough for Roman Reigns over the attack against HHH. We shall bring you more update shortly….

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