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Former WWE Superstar CM Punk left the WWE in 2014 owing to some personal issues with the company’s board, but that is bygone now even as he could be making his return early next year.

While the efforts the WWE CEO Vince McMahon have made to bring back the former Star failed, our source have learnt that the former WWE champion CM Punk is now considering joining the company once more and forgetting the lawsuit issue against the WWE and doctor Chris Amann.

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However, Chances of Punk returning to the WWE at the moment is slim-to-none since he is now a successful comic book writer and he still wants to continue his mixed martial arts career. Also he has not failed for a moment to speak out about his decision to leave the WWE and the wrestling industry.

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But despite all of that, Sean Waltman believes that CM Punk will be making a return to wrestling soon. Waltman said in his X-Pac 1,2,360 podcast, as reported by Wrestle Zone, that Punk could appear at Cody Rhodes’ All In wrestling show if it was held in Chicago later this year.

“I think he would. I honestly think he would if it was something that was a big deal…that he could be a part of that’s gonna be packed and that he could be like ‘Yeah, I helped out, I am the reason this thing’s full.’”

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According to Wrestling Inc, Rhodes and The Young Bucks are producing a wrestling show in Chicago, which could be the biggest independent show in history. The Bullet Club trio are expecting 10,000 people will be in attendance and some of the rumored names on the card include Arrow actor Stephen Amell, Marty Scurll, and Hangman Page. Rhodes even commented on CM Punk possibly appearing on the show.

“The fans never gave up on CM Punk. If CM Punk wants to part of All In, he can be part of All In. But I am not putting it on him to draw those 10,000 seats. If we did have CM Punk, we would not tell you we had CM Punk — unless we didn’t sell any tickets.”

CM Punk is still officially retired as a wrestler and he is still training for his next UFC fight, which has no date or opponent yet.

Punk returning to wrestling is not out of the question because his MMA career is one big epic flop. Punk was completely destroyed; it was expected anyway as he was hardly fit for that match. Now, he is off from the company, taking some kind of moment to catch his breath and return.

However, Punk’s WWE return or whatnot is yet to be made official, so please take it with a grain of salt.