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Mandy Rose aloneMandy Rose is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women on the WWE roster.

Referred to as “God’s Greatest Creation” by Corey Graves on a regular basis, the WWE is definitely focusing on her looks more than anything else. Because of this, fans fear that her wrestling skills are ignored. But does this bother Mandy Rose? Here is what she had to say about that.

Mandy Rose Is Not Bothered By The Attention On Her Looks
Mandy Rose Beautiful

During an interview with The Wrap, Mandy Rose stated that she is not bothered by the focus on her looks. In fact, she states that she has managed to use her looks to her advantage.

“No, I love it. It’s part of my character. It makes me who I am. I always said, even in Developmental, ‘Yeah, I’m the beauty and all that. I’m the hot one, the sexy one — but I also have the brains and the strength to back it up.’ So, that was my biggest thing.”

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The statements made by Mandy Rose are quite comparable made by those of Trish Stratus in her wrestling days. Like Rose, Stratus was and is a staggering beauty who was originally hired for her looks. However, her wrestling skills made her more than just a pretty face. It made her into the legend she is today.

Mandy Rose Dating Life

Mandy Rose and new Boyfriend kissing Michael Lubic

Though Mandy Rose has a thrusting attitude inside the ring, she is too soft in her personal life. Talking about Mandy Rose dating life, she has a boyfriend with whom she has been dating for long years. So, who is Mandy Rose boyfriend?

Well, Mandy Rose boyfriend is Michael Lubic. They have been dating each other since 2010. Yes, you got it right! Mandy Rose and her boyfriend, Michael Lubic are dating each other for seven long years. She posts the pictures of her boyfriend and herself most often on her Instagram.

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Though Mandy Rose doesn’t hesitate to express her love for her boyfriend on Instagram, she has not talked much about her dating affair to the public. Mandy Rose boyfriend, Michael helps her in the workout and physical trainings. According to Mandy’s fans, Michael is the luckiest man to be Mandy Rose boyfriend. But it seems they both are lucky to have each other in their life.

Mandy Rose Ventures Outside The WWE

Mandy Rose Ventures Outside The WWE

Mandy Rose is not solely a wrestler. She built a brand for herself thanks to her WWE fame. She started her own fitness app called “Fit With Mandy” for anyone who is looking to get in better shape. And, she also has a beauty product line called Amarose which makes her extremely marketable in the fitness and beauty industry.

In addition to her beauty line and fitness application, Mandy Rose has also made an appearance in Total Divas. She states that the show has provided her with many opportunities and the show has been a big learning experience for her.

“It was a really good opportunity for me, but it was also a learning experience as well. I got put on with all the women who had been in the company for a very long time and had been doing this for a lot longer, and I’m the rookie starting. It’s such a more mainstream demographic that watches Total Divas.”