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The BCCI has made their decision on the date for Mini-IPL; this new edition Indian Premier League will replace the now defunct Champions League T20. The tournament speculated to begin in September, with venue to be announced on the 24th of June, though an initial speculation arose in May as they kept on pondering on the issue.

The Competition Champions T20 Originally holds From September-October but with current challenge arising in the management, owing to a low interest in the tournament, as well as sponsorship issues, it was left unattended to. BCCI, Cricket Australia and Cricket South Africa who are the joint controller of the league, decided to scrap the tournament on July 15, 2015. . Chennai Super Kings, who are currently suspended, were the Champions during the sixth edition of the tournament.

Mini-IPL will be held outside India as USA prepare to host the tournament, from close source in the development section, it was said by the management that“It can be a great testing ground for what is possible in terms of reaching out to the Indian fan base abroad. It can be made financially viable if a market like the US is explored. Frankly, if the broadcaster finds it appealing then a lot of things will fall into place.”

In other to have a successful tournament, BCCI should ensure that no other tournament is scheduled by the International Cricket Council (ICC) during the spelling out of Mini-IPL, BCCI must use the space left by the now-defunct Champions League T20 to make way for the mini-IPL.