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WWE Superstar Enzo Amore has been released from the company after he was heavily accused of sexually assaulting a woman, Philomena Sheahan late last year.

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While that is brooding, in a recent turn of events, a new video started circulating on the Internet in which a friend of the alleged victim, Sam Cook, claimed that all the accusations made by Sheahan were false. He openly stated that the sexual encounter was consensual and that the woman in question even bragged about bedding “a famous wrestler.”

You can watch the video below.

Disclaimer: The video contains strong language. Hence, viewer discretion is advised.

Shehan first shared her story via her social media account. The story instantly garnered a lot of attention from the wrestling fraternity. WWE was quick to take action and Amore was suspended. Post that, the news of his release from the company broke out.

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On the other hand, Cook had a different story to share. Cook, who was allegedly in a relationship with Shehan, started facing heat from the wrestling fans. That is when the latter decided to come out and reveal more details about the incident which he claims to be true alongside pieces of evidence.

As was seen in the video, Cook dug out Shehan’s texts from the past and used it to prove how her sexual relationship with Amore wasn’t without her consent. He also stated that she boasted about her interaction with a ‘famous wrestler’ to her friends, in complete contradiction to her recent statements.

Speaking about her time in rehab, Cook stated that the only reason she agreed to see a therapist was that her father threatened to ‘throw her out of the house’ if she didn’t mend her ways.

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This video was also shared by former WWE star JTG. He took to Twitter and voiced out his opinion in favour of Enzo Amore.

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