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Becky Lynch Officially Clarifies What She Didn’t Like About the Seth Rollins Relationship…

DISAPPOINTMENT is the order of the day as Becky Lynch officially clarifies what she didn’t like about the Seth Rollins relationship… Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are in a relationship. It really is no secret now, but in case you didn’t know Michael Cole was sure to remind you at least twice during every episode of Raw for a good stretch of time.


Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins publicly came out as a couple back in mid-May when Rollins posted a photo of the pair kissing backstage.

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It didn’t take long until WWE added their real-life relationship into the television product, leading to a match where the pair defended both of their titles against Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans in a mixed tag match at Extreme Rules in mid-July.



While the match wound up being fairly entertaining, fans quickly grew weary of the commentary team consistently mentioning how the pair were dating over and over. Lynch admitted in an interview with BarnBurner Radio leading into SummerSlam that she got sick of it as well, saying that it wound up hurting the storyline.


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“The way I look at it is, oh my god, if I was a fan and I saw two of the best, the male and female best fighting together side-by-side I would be into that,” Lynch said. “And if you know we’re in a relationship, then you know. If you know, you know.


But of course, it was mentioned every five minutes in case you didn’t know and I think that was a little off-putting. Because people, they don’t want to see ‘The Man’ needing a man. They don’t want to see Seth Rollins needing anybody else, because we’re two powerful entities on our own.

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And fighting side-by-side like, ‘Ok, I’ve got your back, you’ve got my back, let’s do this. Let’s beat the bejesus out of these people,’ that’s cool.


“When it’s all about our freaking relationship and that’s forced, nobody was into that. Am I wrong? No everybody was like, ‘We get it! We don’t need to be told, shut the hell up!’


Sometimes I think over-explain things where it’s just like, let’s let people make their own minds and then whatever opinions they have, that’s their opinion,” she added. “And let’s go with that.”

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Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are happy together which is great to hear. They are obviously a power couple in WWE at this point, but the company really didn’t need to focus on it so much. Because fans did seem to get turned off to The Man and The Beast Slayer during that time period.

There is a way to go about addressing someone’s real-life relationship on television, but WWE might have missed the mark on this one. Maybe WWE can let them carry on as Superstars in their own stories without any need to bring it up anymore. Because they really established this point already.