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Scott Hall

Scott Hall

A report says during an interview recently conducted for WWE Superstar that….

A report says during an interview recently conducted for Scott Hall of the WWE Hall Of Famer.

Hall said:
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“No, I didn’t get suspended until I gave my notice. I got suspended on a drug Test that was six weeks old. You usually get the results in a couple of days. All of a sudden I give my notice and they go retro. I’m at a show where I have to work twice on a spot show in Jersey, because Shawn and Kevin aren’t there because a flight delay. An agent comes in and says I need to call the doctor about the results of my drug test. I call the doctor and his wife says he’s not home. I go back and start getting dressed and Tony Garea asks me what I’m doing. I told him I had to wrestle twice and I had to get dressed. He told me they wanted me to leave the building. Then I said ‘So you know the results before I do, and this chain of command is bulls–t? I haven’t heard anything, maybe he’s telling me I have cancer? What’s up?’

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