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Ethan Carter III has expressed his thought on the recent release of many superstars by WWE. EC3, recently on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, expressed his thought on how he was released in 2013by WWE and the recent release of many other talents by the company.

He said: “This is business, and, at the time, where I was, I would have released me too, especially considering I was kind of on the road, but not really, and then I was kind of in developmental, but not really. And then, someone takes over a position of power, they put different guys in charge, you’re not somebody’s guy,” Carter continued. “You’re just floating in outer space. You’re trying and you’re striving and you’re doing everything you can, but if it’s not in the cards, it’s not going to be in the cards.”

The Former TNA World Heavy Weight Champion revealed that he considered quitting professional wrestling business in 2013 when he was released by WWE and that he is quite sure that if he was not released then he would definitely be among the stars released by the company last week.

Carter told Sam Roberts Wrestling podcast: “You have your dream job, and, in the end, it becomes a nightmare. And then, you get fired. You’re kind of like, ‘what the? What was that for?'” Carter added, “if I didn’t have a change, I would have been probably fired [from WWE on Black Friday 2016] with those guys if I was still there, just stuck, lost, low to midcard. If I didn’t have a change, I wouldn’t be the guy I am today.”

On the recently released talents by WWE and those he wants TNA to sign, Cater has this to say:
“I think [TNA] would definitely be remiss to not explore that opportunity, especially because TNA sometimes has this negative reputation with however they handle talent, but I think, universally, across the board, those people that are negative on TNA’s talent evaluation love Sandow. And I think if you give Sandow freedom to creatively develop, it would probably be unbelievable.”