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Enzo Amore’s accuser has confirmed that indeed she was raped by the WWE Superstar

Philomena Sheahan has nailed WWE Superstar Enzo Amore on the head as she brought forth a text messages to further claim that she was indeed raped by Enzo.

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WWE Superstar Enzo Amore was recently released from the company after he was accused of sexually assaulting a controversial woman, whose name is Philomena Sheahan, in October 2017.

It has reached our news desk as readers sent us the video below from Sam Cook, a friend of Philomena Sheahan, where he shared a group text exchange from the night of the alleged rape incident. We were reluctant to posting the video because we could not verify if the texts were legitimate, however Sheahan confirmed that the exchange happened.

Sheahan accused Enzo Amore of rape publicly on Twitter earlier this week, and alleged that Layla Shapiro (@toopoor_) and designer Tyler Grosso were involved.

In the video, the text exchange confirms that Amore had sex with Sheahan, but suggests that it was consensual. Below is the text exchange:

Sheahan: “I’m going to f–king rehab today. Or to get a ketamine infusion. RACHEL”

Recipient: “WHAT WHY”

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Sheahan: “I MET TOO POOR and did coke with her Tyler and f–k their friend.”

Recipient: “pics or it didn’t happen.”

Sheahan: “F–ked.”

Recipient: “Don’t lie you dumbass b—h u would be posting it on ur story”

Sheahan: “My roommates would see b—h. No I wouldn’t.”

Recipient: “shere’s the selfie with her?”

Sheahan: “Didn’t get one.”

Recipient: “Omg”

Sheahan: “Believe it or not b—h it happened & I’m laying in bed next to a famous wrestler.”

Recipient: “Pic”

Sheahan: “It’s dark in here.”

In a now-deleted tweet, Sheahan responded to the video and said that her texts were taken “completely out of context.” She also referenced the video below and wrote:

“About the texts that @imsamcook is using to ‘expose’ me. The morning of the incident I woke up not knowing where I was. That was 3-5 hours after I did the drugs/was drugged. I vaguely remember sending those messages and they were taken completely out of context. When I fully woke up, I called Sam bawling my eyes out telling him the whole story. It’s so hard for me to comprehend that someone that I’ve known & called my best friend for 3 years, who stood by me and supported me through my PTSD from the trauma and is now betraying me. I have no hatred towards him as he is going through a mental breakdown and is off his medication as I will show in the video posted above. I hope he gets the help he needs & I am truly disheartened.”

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Regarding the police report that was filed days after the incident, Cook said to take his comments with “a grain of salt” for legal purposes in case anything he’s saying is not completely correct. He said that Sheahan contacted him and told him that “she had sex with Enzo and it was amazing and Toopoor was so nice.” He noted that Sheahan was living with a sobriety group and was hiding from them that night so that she could do drugs, and if the group found out, they’d tell her dad who was paying for her car.

Cook said that after Sheahan had sex, she was worried that her dad was going to go to the hotel, but her sobriety group had her location on the whole time. Cook said that her father told her that she was going to get kicked out of the house if she didn’t go to rehab. Cook said that she then told her dad that she got raped, which is why she did the drugs. Her dad then took her to rehab, but they were told she couldn’t enter until she was medically tested so she had to go to the police station and file the report to get medically tested.

Sheahan also updated her original tweet, where she claimed to have spent 45 days in a mental hospital following the incident. After several people pointed out that her Twitter account was never inactive for that period of time, she wrote: