EPL NEWS: Chelsea Fans React To Announcement Of Antonio Conte As New Boss—See Shocking Details…

Antonio Conte as been announced as the new boss of the blues following the sacking of Jose Mourinho, The Juventus former boss who is current on international duty with France will assume duty immediate after Euro 2016.

Following the club disastrous campaign last year finishing 10th in table, The boss as a lot in his hand and most strategies properly in order to take the club back to glory days.

Fans as list step the boss most take if he wants to be successful. They include, development youth from academy, strengthening of the defense, choosing a captain without bias, giving players the freedom perform while imposing discipline.

Fans as also urge the boss not to allowing politics of football deviate is interest from is duty, following the competition from other club. As they expect nothing nut the trophy from him.

Fans are hopeful the new boss will not follow the footstep of former boss, as they expecting him to blend both the player and staff together in harmony without under estimating or disrespecting them when exercising his authority.