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Earlier this evening, former WCW President Eric Bischoff sat down for a conversation with Sportskeeda’s own Chris Featherstone. Among the multitude of topics covered was how WWE handled Sting after he signed with the company.

“I’m of two minds on that question,” Bischoff  began, “On one hand, I think WWE did everything they need… did everything they could to create a moment, very memorable moment for Sting and for fans of Sting and WCW in general… [it was] an amazing, amazing spectacle.

I think creatively, was it the best way, I think, to finish Sting’s career in the ring? I guess it’s [subjective]. I didn’t think so.”

Continuing on, Bischoff would bring up Sting’s match with Triple H at WrestleMania 31.

Eric Bischoff on Sting’s match against Triple H

“That doesn’t mean Sting had to get a win over Triple H or anything like that,” he continued, “I just mean the general feeling people got when they walked away [from the match]… if you were a Sting fan, a WCW fan, how did you feel when that was over?”

“Probably a little like me – happy for Steve [Borden – Sting’s real name] and [the] Sting character, to get that moment, to get that recognition – I know for a fact it was really overwhelming for him in a really spiritual way, almost… But, I’m sure it could have ended differently.”

When it comes to a possible One Last Match for the Stinger, Bischoff brought up the spinal injury that got the former WCW World Champion to hang up his boots to begin with.

“My understanding is that Sting – Steve Borden – has a pretty severe neck injury. I want to say stenosis of the spine, stenosis of the neck, and I could be wrong on that so please don’t quote me … like a lot of guys his age, he’s just a little younger than I am, there’s always that part of you, if you were a performer… your body gets older… but your brain is somehow convinced you’re 35 years old and you can do anything.”

“And that’s always a bad sign when that happens,” Bischoff finished up, laughing, “Something’s got to give.”