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The Portugal and Real Madrid super star Cristiano Ronaldo watching him playing for his home town Portugal looks very difficult in the eyes of his fans because of the strength he always pool out when playing his games, Cristiano Ronaldo always has a desire when entering into the football pitch which is always the desire to win and never to lose. According to survey Ronaldo’s desire do have positive effect in his home town and negative in his games in France.

This week marks the final week this year season of the European Championship in France and as the summer gets closer, this is the appropriate time to put more effort in other to backup what has happened in the past games so far.

The host of the European Championship 2016 France later join Germany where Portugal and Wales are suppose to make the last four but unfortunately they always fails to finish their Business when it comes to the case England.

The day after Italy lost their match to Germany accidentally by penalty in Bordeaux on Saturday. This is what most of them always do because this same thing was what Robert Lewandowski actually did the day after Poland was been defeated by Portugal seemed to be a presentable opportunity for them to beat Portugal.

Playing for your Country gives you more encouragement and strong emotion when playing, coming to case of Lewandowski and Buffon they both have up to 11 leagues title meanwhile Lewandowski and Buffon are both among the best successfully players in world when it comes to football.

One important thing involved in playing for the Country is to reach to the expectation of the people back home meanwhile they work harder when it comes to national team, when you fails to lead them to the end it becomes a problem.