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The WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte has not found it funny the attitude her father has put up over the years and she has wasted no time in saying as much to the world. While Ric Flair runs a controversial lifestyle, his family is seriously worried about his entire well-being.

On Monday night, Charlotte gave him a piece of her mind. She hammered Flair for the many years he spent on the road, away from the family and said that to her, he was “dead.”

Below is the chronology of the details of the women Ric Flair married and the date of the marriage annulment:

Richard Morgan popular called Ric Flair has husband four women having successfully divorced the three with the fourth still pending since September 3, 2012. He married Leslie Goodman, on August 28, 1971 and divorced her in 1983. He married his second wife Elizabeth Harrell on August 27, 1983 and divorced her in 2006. He married his third wife Tiffany VanDemark on May 27, 2006 and divorced her in 2009. He married his fourth wife Jacqueline “Jackie” Beems on November 11, 2009 and filed for divorced on September 3, 2012. He is currently dating Wendy Barlow in the meantime and we just don’t know what await this particular lady in the future.

Apart from this kind of life that the 67 WWE legend is living, he is also reported to be broke several times resulting to him borrowing money from notable individuals including the McMahons and of course unable to pay back. Word is that he does overspend and one of such scenarios is the allegation from Cary Silkin, the former owner of Ring of Honor who has just noted that Flair owes him $41,000.

The issue is still in court with Silkin vowing that he would put up a fight with Flair at the autograph signing, where Flair is expected to make an estimated net worth of $5 million.