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Recent report by Wrestling World News reveals that Raw Superstar Finn Bálor had suffered a concussion during his match with Jinder Mahal. The match between the Stars was held in the latest episode of the Monday night Raw and if it’s actually true as it has been said then, this would make it the second injury on the main roster of Bálor.

Just for the records, reports hold it that Finn Bálor had once suffered a shoulder injury at SummerSlam 2016 in a match against Seth Rollins, after he was thrown into the barricade through a running powerbomb by Rollins. Though Bálor went on to finish the match making it to be the first Universal Champion but but relinquished the championship the next night on Raw and went away for surgery and recovery.

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The injuries sustained by Bálor would keep him out of action until March 2017 when he returned to in-ring competition on house shows competing against Triple H, Owens, and Samoa Joe.

Bálor wouldn’t return to television until the Raw after WrestleMania where he and Rollins teamed up to face Joe and Owens. His match with Mahal marked his first singles match since his return last week.

Below is a tweet from Pro Wrestling News that shows or highlights the stiff shots that Balor got during his encounter with Mahal.

However, Mahal may have just accidentally put a hold on any plan the WWE might have regarding Balor in the weeks going forward if these rumors are to be believed.

If truly Balor have been injured, it is a clear indication that he will not be appearing on the Television neither will he be wrestling any match until he is again cleared and able to compete again.
As of now, the WWE have not addressed the rumors yet and that may be a result of the concussion lawsuit that many former WWE employees are filing. The only way to know for sure will be to watch for Bálor to appear on Raw or SmackDown in the next few weeks.

Be that as it may, if Bálor had been injured by Mahal, then this could really increase the security he is under. Though Mahal attributes his new physique to dieting and working out, many have claimed that he is currently in violation of the wellness policy and believe he is using steroids to improve his current look.