Former Mistico, Former Sin Cara, Gets Yet Another New Name

He began with Mistico, later changed it to Sin Cara, then to Myzteziz and now has a new name, CMLL- Mystic 2.0.

Recall that few days ago, Mystic 2.0 left AAA for CMLL in a way that no one had ever expected. AAA didn’t sue him, no they didn’t! All they said via press release is that they have no intention of suing him on the proviso that he maintains the Myzteziz name, a name which he made in AAA.

But the concern is, Mystic 2.0 whose real name is real name Luis Ignacio Urive Alvirde may go ahead and use the Mystic 2.0. in the future.
Before Alvirde changed his name to Myzteziz, he used Sin Cara for several years, then he name for Hunico when he came onboard.

There are a number of issues and gossips surrounding Alvirde’s life especially his real life’s issue with former WWE Champion and MMA fighter. It was reported that his issue with Alberto Del Rio contributed in no small fraction why he left AAA. After he left, his two brothers Argenis and Argos followed suit.

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